Motherhood – It’s Universal

Last week, my husband and I had the chance to take a trip to Madrid and San Sebastian, Spain to do work for a Spanish textile company.

We flew into Madrid and then made our way by train to San Sebastian, in the Basque region – at Spain’s Northern coast, near the French border. Click on the above links for slides and info on this scenic area.

Visiting this exciting new culture, I looked carefully to see what was happening in the world of Motherhood? Like most major cities, San Sebastian and Madrid have shops containing everything needed for
new moms and their little ones.

My post trip research confirmed that Spain is not unlike the USA. Reports in this mornings papers state that Birth Rates have dipped in the recent years, due to the strong recession. Across the globe, moms cope with a loss of income if they don’t go back to work post baby. These are hard choices for a mother.
Despite all this, Spanish families appeared to be thriving. Shops were filled with bright merchandise, and whole families were out shopping & dining out all over.
And everywhere I looked I saw the typical things that moms do around the world, like chatting. There’s nothing like the support that moms can offer to one another.
I met a lot of wonderful people, like the eight month pregnant gal sitting in front of us on the train from San Sebastian to Madrid. Thank you again for the tissues for el bano – when we both attempted the use train bathroom and found no paper there.

And thank you again to the kind mom from Charleston, SC now living in Madrid to take care of her aging mother-in-law. It was so sweet of her to go upstairs to get us plastic forks, so that we could eat our to-go salad at the outdoor cafe that offered no food.

Everywhere I went, mothers were so kind to me and most importantly – nurturing to their children. From a quiet afternoon stroll by the river in San Sebastian, to a fun romp for three in Madrid’s beautiful Botanical Gardens, family life in Spain looked rich, despite what we hear on the news daily.
Motherhood, it’s universal. You need to nurture your flowers to help them grow.

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  1. Belevation Mom
    October 13, 2011

    What a beautiful country and a wonderful opportunity we had to visit there!

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