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What started out almost nine years ago as a monthly blog on Motherhood has turned into an annual Mother's Day post.  This years entry is even three weeks late. "Why?", you ask. It's Belevation's fault. The moms have spoken and they love us.  All good news, but certainly very tiring for this old, graying mother. So, if you happen to be having...


Happy Mothers Day 2015!  Mother's Day is a perfect time for your favorite pursuits.  The bigger our Belevation fan club has grown, the less time I have to do fun things like working on this Belevation Mom Blog. In 2013 I wrote a Mother's Day post called Being a Mom: Doing It Your Way.  It explored varied mom-styles such as Helicopter vs. Free...


A couple of weeks ago, I shared that Lenore Skenazy, author of the book Free Range Kids came to Charlotte to speak.  I had to go to hear her talk because Skenazy absolutely terrifies me. She gained fame as America's Worst Mom after writing about how she allowed her nine year old to ride home alone on the NY subway. I sat in the audience wide-eyed...

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