Baby Weight by Micky Marie Morrison

Lately, I’ve heard from a lot of women who wish that they had known about our Belevation Maternity Support products during their other pregnancies.

As a new company, Belevation probably wasn’t around when you were carrying your other children. But I understand what you mean,
as that’s how I feel about Florida Physical Therapist, Micky Marie Morrison’s book, Baby Weight.

I had done some Yoga in college and loved it, but I didn’t stick with it consistently enough to make a difference in my life. Then pregnancy came and hit me like a ton of bricks. Morning sickness stretched into afternoon sickness, and lasted a full four months. After that finally passed, I somehow viewed myself as kind of fragile.

OB-GYN researchers now understand that during most healthy pregnancies it’s prenatal inactivity – not exercise, that puts moms-to-be and their babies at risk.

Micky Marie Morrison’s new book Baby Weight, released in Oct. 2011, offers a comprehensive look at
the changes the body goes through during pregnancy.
Her unique vantage point as a health professional, prenatal fitness instructor and a mother makes Baby Weight an important new pregnancy resource.

Good practice nutritional principles and information on hormonal and body mass changes are highlighted in a manner that raised my scientific IQ on the subjects.

Building upon this technical info, Morrison makes a strong case for the benefits of sensible, prenatal exercise. Minimizing excess weight gain and building stamina for delivery are certainly two compelling reasons to get moving during pregnancy.

The second half of the book includes terrific photos of Morrison’s Yoga based Core FitMama exercises, with modifications for your skill level and trimester. But then it gets even better. As an International Childbirth Education Association certified fitness instructor, Morrison mentors moms continuing with the program after delivery – helping themselves regain stamina, lose pregnancy weight and
fight off postpartum depression.

Skillful guidance is articulated on how moms can also incorporate their babies and
toddlers into these sessions. What a wonderful way to bond with your child, while fostering positive attitudes about healthful living right from the beginning.

Somewhere between Weight Watchers and Gymboree – I wish that I had
Micky Morrison’s excellent book Baby Weight, now available from Amazon,
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