Great Baby Shower Ideas

What are the ingredients of a great baby shower? Relax.

When it comes to baby showers, you just can’t go wrong. You see, joy is already in the room (your baby!) so the rest is just icing on the cake……

Here are some simple tested tips to keep the day fun though, no matter who’s throwing the party:

Recommendation Number 1. Start with Evite. How can 22 million users be wrong? This thing is so easy – it doesn’t even need directions. Save on stamps, save a tree and get peoples attention online, where they’ll respond promptly.

And you won’t be skimping on creativity either. There are dozens of Evite Baby Shower Templates to customize, or start from scratch and make your own design.

Recommendation 2. For amazing menu and design ideas check Hostess with the Mostess. Just like Evite, there is a special section for Baby Showers. Customize the themes to suit you and your guests.

Recommendation 3. For a wealth of baby shower activities and games, look over the extensive list of Editors Picks on BabyCenter, the Web’s #1 interactive parenting network, reaching over 78 % of new and expectant moms in the USA. Again, customize for your group.

With lots of Grandma’s friends
in the room, Robyn this sweet expectant mom with 6 weeks to go, asked us to share parenting advice on cards designed for the task.

Suggestions were heartfelt from this group of grandmotherly types. “Take care of yourself, don’t strive for perfection – there’s no such thing, don’t be afraid to say no, be a united force with your hubby & enjoy it all!”

Gifts were varied – with many quite practical, such as infant bath tubs, headrests and nasal syringes, while the parade of outfits will surely make this a dapper young man by Thanksgiving time.

And Robyn ended the day the proud owner of her own personal Belevation Yoga Culotte from you know who……

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  1. September 25, 2011

    Congratulations to Robyn, new mom to Zachary. He’s simply gorgeous!

  2. September 25, 2011

    More beautiful baby shower ideas from
    Is it true that they have all the fun in Hollywood?

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