Letting Your Child Pick Their Own Name?

This afternoon I spent some quiet time researching our Belevation mom-to-be give-away for December, The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg.

I first learned about Wattenberg’s book and accompanying website while listening to an NPR program
on baby naming. Her impressive research and groundbreaking computer models examine name usage and popularity over the last hundred years in the 2005 book.

Quoted in recent articles in both the New York Times and Time Magazine, Wattenberg, once a name-searching mom herself, said that people hunger to be different these days. Name hostility is a by-product of this trend, as others may have strong opinions about the unique baby names that you’ve selected.

A result of the internet, a 2010 survey on the pop-culture website Lil-Sugar indicated that 64% of new parents Google their baby name picks before making final choices. Makes sense to see what unknowns may be lurking on your child’s “domain” prior to taking the leap.

If you are in a name shopping mode, it’s important to enjoy the process, even though it is one of your life’s most important decisions. With tools like Wattenberg’s Baby Name Wizard, there are now amazing resources to help you with the search.

While reading the Times article, I learned about Kick to Pick – a newly released iphone app that claims to let your child pick their own name. Also available for iPod Touches, the app “ generates names while monitoring the baby’s movements. Any kick detected will then stop the generator at the baby’s chosen name, ready for the parents to accept their child’s choice or dismiss the name and start their search again.

Available for .99 cents, it’s definitely a game-changer to think of your baby participating in picking their own name. Don’t know if I like the idea of putting a cell on your stomach while pregnant, but it’s amazing to consider.

If you are interested in upholding more parental control, here’s a simple method. You and hubby can make separate favorite lists from a baby name book, narrowing the search to a few alphabet letters that honor loved ones (deceased or alive depending on your tradition). Hopefully there will be at least one name in common on each of your lists, and that will be the name! No matter how you do it, possibly combining several of these methods – have fun!

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    December 4, 2011

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