Astronomy 101

astronomy-presentation-1-728What started out almost nine years ago as a monthly blog on Motherhood has turned into an annual Mother’s Day post.  This years entry is even three weeks late. “Why?”, you ask.

It’s Belevation’s fault. The moms have spoken and they love us.  All good news, but certainly very tiring for this old, graying mother.

So, if you happen to be having a reflective moment (and are reading this on a park bench at the playground or at 12 AM while ordering maternity undies), you may be wondering how motherhood will feel 26 years in?

Here’s a few things that I will tell you: You will remember the term paper on Astronomy you wrote the summer your kid signed up for a course on the topic and asked you at the last minute to write a paper on gases in stars and planets.

Seven pages as I recall. Previously, you may have thought Astronomy might be interesting, but now you know – that it’s not. This memory came back to me as our college age employee explained that she was taking an online summer course. “On what?” I asked.

“On Astronomy” she said.

“Of all things”, I laughed, remembering my own Astronomy week from hell.

manifest destiny

And then of course there was Manifest Destiny. We’re going way back now. All the way back to middle school.

The sad story went like this; there was an out of town lacrosse game and no time to even do the research, nor to write a huge social studies paper (that your kid knew about two months ago) on America’s westward expansion.

In a nutshell, I learned that Manifest Destiny was when America stole half the country from the Indians. Wow.

And motherhood? What have I learned about that? I’ve learned time and time again that it’s hard. Often, nobody will like you. They’ll accuse you of meddling. Ha! Meddling? Am I the only one who remembers Manifest Destiny and Astronomy?

Motherhood? It’s a thankless job, but we do it anyway, because we love them. Hopefully somewhere along the way, they’ll remember us, when we’re old and gray. Need I mention the words Astronomy and Manifest Destiny?

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