If only every Working Mom could be nominated for an Academy Award, (or at least a Golden Globe) like expecting celeb Natalie Portman. Portman looked radiant accepting the Best Actress Golden Globe last week for her role in the ballet psycho-thriller Black Swan.

With four feature films scheduled to release in 2011, Natalie will be able to rest on her laurels and hang out in sweat pants (her preferred pregnancy attire), taking it easy till her due date. For the rest of us it's a different story.

Twenty five years ago, Working Mother Magazine launched their first best companies initiative. They challenged companies to address the unique needs of working mothers. "This years Working Mothers Best 100 Companies list sets the bar higher than ever with each company offering a menu of benefits including flextime, telecommuting, and temporary part-time work options."

Impressive, but when surfing a bit more, I noticed Working Mother's Best Companies for Hourly Workers. Sadly, only 12 US companies made that cut. Working Mother's Jennifer Owens said it all.

"America runs on hourly workers.  We know that for too many of these women, a disheartening combination of rigid shift hours coupled with unpredictable scheduling can take a toll on family life."

Pressure may be mounting for the nations retailers and other large employers of hourly workers to make changes though. This past April, Wal-Mart lost a landmark sex-discrimination suit originally filed in 2001. More than 1 million women could be included in the largest class-action suit ever which claims that female workers were paid less than male colleagues and were given fewer promotions.

Since the suit was first introduced in 2001, Wal-Mart has attempted to improve its public image including efforts to appear more eco-friendly.  This week, the company announced their latest effort with First Lady Michelle Obama to "Make Foods Healthier and Foods More Affordable."

Just think of the possibilities. Perhaps in time, the frazzled Wal-Mart Moms of America will morph into Natalie Portman look-alikes, each winning an Academy Award for the many roles they juggle throughout the week.

As for Natalie, she can look forward to receiving a package of Belevation Support Briefs in the mail. I hope she will be wearing them under her gown at the Oscars.


Belevation Mom

Belevation Mom said:

Yes, please ask the retailers where you shop if their scheduling policies
are friendly to their working mother employees. You’ll be surprised.

Also, congratulations to Natalie Portman for winning the 2011 Best Actress
Oscar. I know she had a lot of people to acknowledge, but she forgot to
thank us for her Belevation Maternity Support Briefs, (size s/m Nude)?

Belevation Mom

Belevation Mom said:

On Tuesday June 14th Natalie gave birth to a baby boy. Mazel Tov! The happy couple have not released their sons name yet, leaving fans crazy with curiosity. Check out name candy for some possible choices:

Belevation Mom

Belevation Mom said:

The big news is out. The babies name is Aleph – the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Number 2 will definitely need to be named Bet. No waiting and wondering there….A beautiful choice meaning A in Hebrew or number One numerically!


Alicia said:

Sorry Wal-Mart, whatever it takes to make our rights to be heard.

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