On Wednesday December 15th, the Consumer Product Safety Commission passed the toughest safety rules for cribs in history.  The new rules go into effect in six months, but give hotels and childcare centers 2 years to make needed changes.

At issue is an effort to eliminate the hidden hazards of drop-side cribs which have been standard fare for decades.  If a piece of these cribs separates, an infant can fall into the resulting gap causing  injury or fatality.

Since 2007, 11 million cribs have been recalled in response to reports of at least 35 infant deaths nationwide attributed to crib structural problems.  According to the new rules, resale of non-compliant cribs will no longer be legal. Click below to watch a You tube Video from the Consumer Safety Product Commission on Drop Side Cribs:

Also check for updates on infant safety at Keeping Babies Safe. I met the women from Keeping Babies Safe last year in New York City when Belevation had a booth at the Big City Moms "Biggest Baby Shower Ever."

Joyce Davis,  President of Keeping Babies Safe, lost her son due to adding a supplemental mattress that was advertised as suitable for their popular brand of portable crib. "These dangers are completely preventable,” says Joyce. 

"Cribs are the most important product in your home for your baby.  It’s the only place where your child is left unattended."  

*Update Oct 2016: See new recommedations about safe sleeping arrangements for babies first months. 



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Read an update from the NYT on the new crib safety laws that went into effect on 6-28-11.

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