The Belevation Blog
The Belevation Blog

Welcome to our Belevation Blog page.  For a multi-tasking mom like me, taking the time-out to write this Belevation Blog will provide a perfect opportunity for reflection. Belevation products were not around during my pregnancy, nor was the Internet for that matter!

Remembering back to my special nine months, I was definitely a seeker of information, as I still am today.  So, I will joyfully do the research to make this Belevation Blog a useful parenting resource in this fast past world of products and info.

Most special of all, is that my web designer/tech source is the very same character who made me very ill for those first four months, but then got so comfy that he didn't seem to have any plans of coming out, even at week 42.

So treasure every moment, as your babies will grow-up fast. Along the way your children will start to talk-back, frequently even making sense - so you will have to listen!  But remember, Mom's rule....


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