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Belevation maternity shapewear, like all Belevation products, is made in the United States from high quality materials. The plus size maternity shapewear line helps smooth out the growing belly of an expecting mother, while providing gentle, much needed support to the lumbar region. Belevation products are available in Maternity Panties, Maternity Briefs, a mid-thigh PettiPant, Boyshort and Belly band.

Maternity Shapewear For Dresses & More - Also Plus Sizes

Belly Band Shapewear
PettiPant Shapewear
Panties Shapewear


Pregnancy Shapewear Also Available in Plus Sizes

Belevation maternity shape-wear is available in all sizes, including plus sizes. For plus sizes, simply click on one of the products above and select the size you need on the product page. Plus size pregnancy shapewear is available in maternity briefs, maternity belly bands, maternity mid thigh PettiPants, and maternity boyshorts.

The belly band shapewear is great for every day use. The belly band will provide gentle support for the belly, which can help with certain pregnancy problems such as back pain.

The mid thigh PettiPant is similar to the boyshort and great for use under skirts and dresses. This particular shape wear product offers more coverage of the thighs than any other Belevation product.

The maternity panties shapewear is our standard maternity underwear product. It combines the support of the belly band with a maternity undergarment that is great for every day use during pregnancy.

Similar to the PettiPant, the maternity boyshort shapewear provides support to the lumbar region in a comfortable boyshort that is also great for skirts and dresses or every day use.

For moms-to-be wanting a maternity body shaper,  these smoothing  garments offer the perfect light control to enhance the look of your growing belly.

Purchase Belevation garments true to your pre-pregnancy pants size for the best fit.  If  firmer control is desired – size down when ordering from Belevation’s online maternity store.

Expecting Moms Love Our Pregnancy Shapewear!

I definitely notice that they help…especially when you’re on your feet a lot. Gravity tends to take its toll and it’s nice to have some extra support!  - Kaitlyn

If you have any questions about our Belevation maternity shapewear for dresses and more, please let us know.