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"Obsessed. Got one in black and nude!!! So comfy." – Danielle, Pittsburgh, PA 

 "I recently received my Mid-thigh Pettipant and absolutely love it, in fact just ordered another one. It gives me wonderful support and is replacing another brand petti pant that was made overseas and does not give me the belly and back support I expected. I will be telling all my friends about your products. Thank you" - Sharon, Yorktown, VA

"I love the PetitiPant! It is so comfy and supportive. I can’t imagine wearing my maternity dresses without it. It supports my belly's sensitive ligaments and keeps my legs from rubbing together.  I couldn’t believe your incredible customer service. I’ll be recommending you all to my friends and will be buying from your company again soon!" - Rachael, Waterville, OH

“Your product and quick service are fantastic! ” – Robin, Horsham, PA  

“I have spent weeks looking for a mid-thigh shaper to wear under all my cute dresses and skirts this summer but haven’t been able to find anything in plus-size! Even places that make plus-size maternity clothes didn’t have anything that would be comfortable and grow with my expanding belly. I just received my mid-thigh PettiPant in XL and I love them! They aren’t constricting or too tight, they are light weight and will be perfect for summer. Thank you so much!” – Paige,  Taylorsville, UT

“I just received my third order this pregnancy! My first order I got the briefs just to try them. I loved them! Then I decided to get them in nude along with the PettiPant for my wedding so my legs wouldn’t chafe in my dress. I decided a few days ago to order two more pairs of briefs. I’m now 37 weeks pregnant but I figured they would be great for postpartum because of the support especially since it’s looking like a c section for me. I’ve recommended your product to friends already. Amazing!”Melissa, VA

I just placed an order late Sunday evening, and I received it today (Wednesday). I appreciate how quickly I received my order and I am very happy with my purchases.  Thank you so much.” – Erica, Rosemont, IL

“Let me just say, I am SO impressed with your turn around time. I received my product so fast you must have time traveled it to my front porch! I plan to wear my mid-thigh belevation under a formal gown for a wedding I’m in. The fabric is so so soft and the support is amazing. I would recommend Belevation to anyone!” – Katie, PA

“I’m a plus size mom, probably size 22-24 before I was pregnant.  I was hesitant to order, but needed some support and didn’t want to pay 2 or 3x the cost for other brands. I was SO happy with the fit and support of my band.  I’m planning to order some of the mid thigh version and another band next week. I LOVE them and will wear them for the rest of the pregnancy and after my c-section. Thanks for making such a wonderful product in plus size.” Melissa, Urbana, IL 

“What your PettiPants lack in oh la la, they make up for in comfort. Sexiness got me in this predicament, comfort will get me through it.” – Miranda, NJ

“I am a pregnancy size 18 and found it absolutely impossible to find non constricting shapewear that are comfortable. Any shapewear undergarments that I’ve tried give a “muffin top ” appearance from where the undergarment ends and my thigh begins. I like to wear dresses but cannot stand the discomfort of my legs rubbing together.  Your XL PettiPants are the answer to all!  No muffin top, evens/smooths bumps, and leaves you feeling comfortable and supported. The shipping was very quick!  Thank you for such a great product! ” – Stacey, Canton, MI

“Hi guys! I made a purchase this past Saturday 12/28 sometime in the very early AM and I received it today 12/30 here in NY!  OMG fastest shipping I’ve ever seen with any free shipping option!  I tried on my new Belly Band and so far I absolutely love it!  I’m only 4 months pregnant but being a plus size girl, I was recommended to get one. I looked at various sites and saw many suggestions for your brand. I am a happy buyer and definitely will be back for more soon!  I’ve spread the word to all my friends here in NYS!” – Jennie, NYS

“I would just like to alert you to the amazing customer service I received tonight.  I called at 9:30 pm on a Friday night I got a LIVE and friendly person on the phone. She was kind and talked me through sizing (which is a nightmare for plus-sized pregnant ladies) and shipping to determine they would be at my home in plenty of time for Christmas.  Every store plus-ladies visit seems put off by size questions and most don’t even carry plus sizes.  Thank you! Totally made my night! ” – Kimberly, Atlanta, GA

“Wow!!! Love these! I’m pregnant with twins so I ordered the XL in order for me to get the most use out of them. My belly felt so much better the minute I put them on. Thank you also for shipping to a military APO address. I will recommend these to all my friends in future.” – Katherine, US Military Base 

“I just received my Maternity Belly Band and my Mid-Thigh PettiPant.  I trusted the reviews and bought these two items.  I’m a plus-size woman (22-26) and I’m happy they fit with no extra help from my husband LOL.  They stretch and will fit until the end of my pregnancy.  I loved the fact that it was free shipping and I received a discount because I bought two items.  I will definitely be buying more.” – Marivel, Kalamazoo, MI

“While I love your product, what I am most impressed by is your personal customer service. Even though I ordered online, someone responded to me right away and even referred to me by my name.  Thank you for making terrific products and for giving such exceptional customer service! I will definitely be spreading the word about Belevation to my soon to be mommy friends.” Carlen, Bellevue, WA  

Yours is the best shape wear I’ve ever owned and it’s made wearing dresses so comfy while pregnant!” Lindsey- East Waterboro, ME

“Your products are wonderful and I have recommended them to several women at the hospital.” (the writer is a delivery room nurse) Jennifer, Statesville, NC 

“I am a pre-pregnancy size 24 and have found it absolutely impossible to find any underwear that go over my belly. Your XL support maternity briefs are amazing! For the first time, I am not yanking on my undergarments all day. Most of the time I don’t even feel like they’re there – SO comfortable!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ”  – Calen, Hinesburg, VT

“Just wanted to say thank you! I received my Mid-thigh PettiPants a mere two days after ordering them and they are perfect…exactly what I was looking for!”Lindsey, East Waterboro, ME 

“This product is absolutely amazing. I searched all over for comfortable maternity underwear. The service is also great. I would recommend any of Belevation’s products to anyone who needs good support at a great price!”Melissa, Allen Park, MI 

“I looked everywhere for the best belly band and found that Belevation’s are a much higher quality. They are much wider, so they cover more surface area… which I need because I am having twins!   I LOVE the flowers on them.. they are really pretty and comfortable. …and if I don’t have it on – I’m uncomfortable because can clothes rub awkwardly sometimes.  It’s great to find a company that has such great customer service and is so prompt too!” – Sonja, St. Paul, MN

“Hi! I just received my products today and they feel so good, I will definitely be ordering more! Thanks Belevation!”  – Jessica, Gainesville, GA 

“I am seven months pregnant with twins and was having difficulty determining which size to order. I e-mailed Belevation and heard back from them promptly. I normally wear a medium, but since my belly is growing very fast, we decided a large might be best. Large was PERFECT, and they arrived so quickly!!! I love the briefs. They are supportive without cutting across the bottom of my belly and rubbing against my old c-section scars like every other pair of maternity underwear I tried. I am SO HAPPY with my Belevation briefs, and wish all my maternity wear was this comfortable. Thank you Belevation!! ” – Jennifer, Canton, Michigan

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the package today. Thank you so much for all of your help. It is always a nice reminder of why I try to always support independent businesses when I encounter such great customer service. Everything looks great and I am looking forward to a very comfortable next few months!” Kate, Oakland, CA

“Belevation’s briefs are made with a moisture wicking breathable mesh that makes them even more comfy on hot, hot days! I have to say that Belevation is AMAZING & I only wish I had heard about them sooner!” Amanda, TN

“My Pettipants came today! Such quick shipping! They fit perfectly, and I’m so happy with how soft and comfy they are! I’ve always loved wearing slip-shorts under skirts, and I searched and searched for something like these when I first got pregnant, and couldn’t find anything. I’m 7 months along now, and I’ve been wearing men’s boxer-briefs, which aren’t very comfy! Thanks so much! I love these!!!”   Sandee, Saline, Michigan

“It was recommended I use Belevation Boy shorts for some weddings I have coming up. I contacted Belevation because I was unclear of what size to order and I got an immediate response. I also mentioned I needed them quickly and they are sending them out priority. You really don’t see customer service like this anymore! I am very excited for my Boy Shorts to arrive! ” Christina, New York 

” Oh my!  Where were these when I had my first two babies?  They are glorious!   Thanks for a great product!!!”   Heather, North Carolina 

“Okay….so how miserable is chafing legs in the summer? I like to wear skirts but hate when my legs rub together. Your Maternity Pettipants are the holy grail to wear under skirts! The legs are long enough so they won’t ride up & there is gentle support that evens out “the bump” & leaves you feeling comfortable and supported.

The XL boy short fits between a size 18 to 26.  It is super stretchy- not confining and tight which is so uncomfortable.  It still gives you the support that gently lifts the lower belly and gives you a nice round appearance. Never thought I would be so pumped over comfy shaping underwear! ”  Jessica, Harrisonburg, VA

“I love my Belevation Yoga Pants! They are more comfortable than any other pants, even Lululemon pants!”   Mom from the NY Prenatal Yoga Center

“Dear Belevation…You have made my day with the arrival of my support brief!!! I am plus size and for the last 8 months have been trying to find something comfortable and also supportive for my growing belly!!! I had tears of joy slipping them on!!! I only have 6 weeks left till my due date but totally buying more!!! Also for those of you who are plus size 20-26 the xl fit comfortable and also lots of room to grow!!! ♥ this product!!! THANK YOU!!” Erin, Ontario, Canada

“The Belevation Support Brief not only offers the coverage I desired, but also the support every pregnant woman needs. Once I put it on I knew that I never wanted to take it off. This is the most comfortable piece of maternity clothing I own, and I own a lot! I can tell you honestly that I will be buying a few more for the last two months of my pregnancy, and to use postpartum.” Amber, NJ

“These are amazing! I got several pairs during the Zulily sale and wear them every day! I definitely suggest ordering true to size. I ordered some in my pre-pregnancy size and some a size up and my pre-pregnancy size pairs fit best. But, I am having twins, so suspect the larger size will fit perfectly soon enough! The support and comfort is phenomenal.” – Tami, Greenville, SC

“Received my Belevation XL products today, and they are definitely NOT a 16-18, but more like a 20-22. That is my normal size for most maternity clothes, and I fit in these just fine with room to grow the belly and no pinching etc. These are sooo comfortable! I am really impressed!” – Monique, Fort Bragg, NC  

There’s nothing cuter than a baby bump, and I’m so much more confident showing mine off when I have the right support. Thanks!”Kirsten, Nashville

“The Belevation Boyshort is perfect under my dresses and has made life easier for me. And best of all, I love the support it gives me.”Alba,  Houston 

“This band is so comfortable, it supports me from below my belly, to the top of my belly and my back!”Blogger Jen Crum, Indiana

“I totally wish I’d had one of these when I was pregnant with the boys. I think they would have helped with some of the pain I had as I got bigger (and bigger and BIGGER).” Kirsten, I Still Hate Pickles – Houston

“I absolutely loved the Belevation Support Band. It was amazing! I planned on walking the 7.5 miles (Bay to Breakers Race in SF), but I really hadn’t run since the very beginning of my pregnancy, so I started walking. I was feeling so good, that I ended up running about 4.5 miles of it.

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I know how it CAN feel. I have been talking Belevation up to my prenatal yoga group and they are all super interested. Thanks again for such an awesome product!”Nikki,  San Francisco

“At 28 weeks pregnant with my third child, I am pretty big. Yet I am still active chasing my two boys around, working, and trying to stay fit at the gym and playing tennis. Lately, I noticed how hard it is wearing my regular underwear and feeling a total lack of support.

I tried both the Brief as well as the Belevation Belly Band. Both were great and so supportive. Now that I have discovered and tried the Belevation undergarments, I will not go to the gym or play tennis without wearing one. Every mother-to-be should have a pair or two of these great products to keep them feeling as comfortable as possible!” Jen, Mommies with Style, PA  

“Hi! I just purchased one of your products to help with belly and back support and I’m totally in love! I can’t get over how soft the material is! Thanks so much! I’ll definitely recommend your products to all my pregnant friends!” – Kacie, NC 

“I was attending a La Leche League breastfeeding class when I was 8 months pregnant.  The class was held outside and it was June, in hot and humid NC. It was the 1st time I had worn my new Belevation briefs and I was worried that I was going to sweat a lot more in them, as compared to my normal regime of cotton underwear.

Two hours later, I was so pleasantly surprised that not only was I not perspiring, but I found that the material was actually helping to keep me cooler. Since I have been having Pelvic Symphysis pain, it has been great that I could rely on the Belevation products and didn’t have to wear any of the traditional maternity belts that require a great deal of adjusting and Velcro.  I highly recommend all of the Belevation Maternity Support products to any pregnant woman looking for comfortable, light, breathable support!” – Kat  York County, SC 

“ I love the product so much! I wear it daily!” – Whitney, Charlotte, NC

“I am very eager to wear the belly band  as my back is already killing me, and other brands I’ve used, like Motherhood Maternity, do not last more than maybe two or three washings. My friend just had her second child and she swears by your products. She has had multiple back surgeries, as have I and I live in constant pain normally. 

Just got my order … love love love the belly band and the boy shorts! YAY! Thanks again!” – Christina, Eagan, MN

“The Belevation band is great! It really offers a lot of support to my belly and back! I feel like I have awesome coverage and don’t have to worry about my back or the bottom of my belly showing when I’m wearing it.

I tried the boy-shorts under one of my summer dresses and they were so comfortable and supportive! I love that I can just wear one garment as underwear and support for my belly!” – Michelle, GA 

“I have enjoyed the support band. I wish I had one for my prior two pregnancies. Great for exercising” – Carrie, Fort Mill, SC

“Wearing your Belevation Boy-short I was able to sit on the floor with my toddler and read five books, when usually I can only read one before my back starts aching. I have worn it everyday since I received it because it has made such a difference.” – Joy, Torrance, CA

“I definitely feel a difference at the end of a long day after I’ve worn my Belevation – less back pain” – Lee Ana, Charlotte, NC

“I love the belly band. I started having a lot of lower back pain in my second trimester and the belly band really helped support some of the weight and take the pressure off my back.” – Brooke, NC

“I wear the underwear all of the time and I love them. They are comfortable ad very practical. With the first pregnancy I didn’t realize maternity underwear like this existed so I was thrilled this time around to have a better option to support my growing belly and provide the coverage I need.”– Emily, NC 

“At 27 weeks, my baby bump is starting to put a strain on my petite frame. I was researching support products, when I received an email from Belevation regarding the launch of their new collection of maternity garments. I found the Belevation Yoga Culotte to be very comfortable and supportive. The blend of Nylon and Spandex Micro-Fiber allows the fabric to be lightweight and easily stretch and move with me, which is especially important to me while exercising, doing housework, and running errands.

I really like the integrated Tummy Support Panel, to give me a gentle lift, while the tummy portion of the panel is super soft and stretchy to perfectly fit and expand around my growing belly. I think the Tummy Support Panel of the Belevation Culotte would provide me with some extra support post-pregnancy, too!” – Amy – Heard it From the Hills Blog, IL

“Why did I not discover this product with my other pregnancies. I purchased the Belevation Brief undergarment and now I cannot go a day without it. I had to buy at least two more and one boy-short. They are by far the most comfortable undergarments that I’ve managed to find, and so incredibly supportive of my increasingly heavy belly. It is actually soothing to wear. And best of all, it doesn’t make me so hot like so many other over the belly garments can do”. – Chris, WA

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