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Maternity Shapewear Mid-Thigh PettiPant


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Maternity Belly Band


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Belevation Postpartum & Beyond® Belly Band


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Belevation Belesuit®


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Postpartum & Beyond® PettiPant


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Maternity Support Underwear


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Postpartum & Beyond® Leggings


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Belevation Maternity Leggings


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Belevation BG Birthing Gown


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Two Pack Opaque Maternity Tights


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Belevation Maternity Underwear, Belly Bands, Shapewear & More

Belevation is a leading provider of Maternity Belly Bands, Maternity Shapewear PettiPants and Support Maternity Briefs, including Postpartum Shapewear PettiPants, Targeted Compression Postpartum Bands, and Postpartum Leggings and BG Birthingowns. 

At Belevation, we know how important it is to be comfortable and have plenty of support during pregnancy and postpartum. That’s why we’ve developed a seamless and breathable shapewear for support both during and after pregnancy.

We have recently expanded our Maternity support expertise into Postpartum & Beyond®. With our Postpartum PettiPant and Maternity Belly Band, new mothers will be comfortable at all times.

Made in the USA from a soft, rayon jersey blend, the BG birthingown stretches to give freedom of movement and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat, and give birth in comfort, a total game changer compared to conventional woven hospital delivery gowns. 

Made in the USA from high-quality material, Belevation pregnancy wear and Postpartum PettiPants and garments are superior to similar imported products that do not hold up well after washing and provide minimal support. We offer a range of sizes, including plus size maternity belly bands and plus size pregnancy wear, for expectant mothers. Belevation apparel is the perfect choice for relief from back pain or for extra support during your prenatal exercise workouts.

Shop Belevation Maternity Belly Bands, Postpartum PettiPant, Maternity Underwear, and Pregnancy Shapewear today.

Postpartum & Beyond® PettiPant & Belly Band


Belevation supports moms throughout the country with our Postpartum PettiPants and other postpartum garments for increased comfort and support. Our newly created Postpartum & Beyond Shapewear brings the high-quality and American-made materials used in our maternity products into the world of motherhood.

For the past decade, Belevation’s maternity undergarments provided the best quality and support and now will continue to do so after pregnancy. Our Postpartum Belly Band supports your abdomen while recovering from your pregnancy and keeps you comfortable. You’ll also experience the benefits of our maternity garment bestseller, in the new the Postpartum PettiPant.

Shop our Postpartum & Beyond Shapewear by Belevation now!

Belevation: New home to the BG Birthingown

The BG Birthingown was created by a labor and delivery nurse as a replacement for conventional woven hospital gowns. Your OBGYN or midwife team can maintain their high quality of care while the BG gown provides coverage, functionality and stylish beauty for new moms. 

  • Velcro at shoulders for IV, BP and breastfeeding babies.
  • Perfect for skin-to-skin bonding
  • A rayon blend for a soft, luxurious stretch and feel.
  • True wrap style with opening at the back.
  • One size fits most

 Order your BG Birthingown from Belevation now!

Benefits of Belly Bands, Postpartum Shapewear & Maternity Garments


Effective and supportive belly bands are important for a comfortable pregnancy by providing lower abdomen and back support. Available in a range of different sizes, including plus size, Belly Bands by Belevation are ideal for physical activity while pregnant and are comfortable for prenatal exercises.

Belevation promotes gentle compression after pregnancy with Postpartum & Beyond Shapewear. Our Postpartum PettiPants, and Postpartum Belly Band will help you snap back to your pregnancy figure.

Shop Belevation for maternity and postpartum shapewear.  

Why Choose Belly Bands & Maternity Wear by Belevation?

At Belevation, we understand the importance of back and abdominal support during pregnancy. Our premier products continue to provide support even after washing and are made with top quality American-manufactured yarn. We make products for a relaxed and comfortable fit that are available in a range of sizes.

Belevation Maternity & Postpartum Garments

Belevation is unique because our maternity and Postpartum PettiPants and garments are designed, knit, and shipped by a mom and pop and their team. Our brand and products were made possible by direct feedback from hundreds of mothers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and throughout the nation.

With us, you’ll experience same-day shipping and knowing you’re supporting jobs in the United States. Belevation’s quality shows in how well the products last after washing and providing continual comfort for expectant and new mothers. With each garment design, we strive to produce maternity and postpartum products that will ease any back pain and discomfort.

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Belevation, Everyone's Favorite Maternity Brand is For Sale

Belevation, Everyone's Favorite Maternity Brand is For Sale

Belevation, everyone's favorite, made in the USA maternity brand is for sale. The facts: Belevation is a turn-key, Santoni seamless knitting, sewing and dyeing facility located in central North Carolina, 30 minutes from world-class golfing mecca, Pinehurst, NC. 

Introducing Postpartum & Beyond® by Belevation

Introducing Postpartum & Beyond® by Belevation

In 2021, we are delighted to introduce Belevation's Postpartum & Beyond ® collection including a Belly Band, a Postpartum PettiPant and our comfy Postpartum & Beyond ® Leggings

Hello BG Birthingowns!

Hello BG Birthingowns!

Belevation is delighted to announce we are now your exclusive source for BG Birthingowns. One size fits most, available in three fashion colors and 20% off at checkout on BG products during July 2021!