Inventory is finally here on our longer length boyshort in all sizes. Introduced in XL several months ago, expectant moms of all sizes said that they wanted them too!

Here's what they've been saying ... "How miserable is chafing legs in the summer? I like to wear skirts, but hate when my legs rub together. Now I have found the holy grail of maternity underwear!! Super stretchy, not confining or tight. It gives you support that gently lifts the lower belly and a nice round appearance. Never thought I would be so pumped over comfy shaping underwear!" -  Jessica, Virginia  

We've called it a Mid-Thigh PettiPant to distinguish it from our regular length boyshort. It's really a hybrid, a PettiPant - like a slip, but much more comfy.... 

The perfect answer to thigh chaffing, great under dresses or skirts especially in the summer. The best solution to wear while pregnant to that upcoming wedding you've been invited to, but we've been told that you won't want to take it off, so you may need to buy an extra or two!

Tasha found us online and drove to our Belevation offices from her home in Huntersville, NC on a quest for supportive maternity undergarments. She tried on our Belevation Boyshorts and Briefs, smiled and said "they fit perfectly - like they were heaven sent". Now she's looking and feeling great!


    Belevation Mom

    Belevation Mom said:

    Which one to do like better? The regular length Boyshort or our new Mid-Thigh PettiPant Boyshort?

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