Belevation BG Birthing Gown
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Belevation BG Birthing Gown


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Features include:

  • Velcro at shoulders for IV, BP and breastfeeding babies.
  • Perfect for skin-to-skin bonding.
  • A rayon blend for a soft, luxurious stretch and feel.
  • True wrap style with opening at the back.
  • Two ample side pockets with holes deep enough for cell phones, binkies and tissues which also provides hidden access for nurses to thread fetal monitor wires.
  • The back opens like a curtain for easy access if mom needs anesthesia or back massage.
  • One size fits most. 

The BG Birthingown was created by a labor and delivery nurse as a replacement for conventional woven hospital gowns. Your OBGYN or midwife team can maintain their high quality of care while the BG gown provides coverage, functionality and stylish beauty for new moms. 

Made in the USA from a soft, rayon jersey blend, the birthingown stretches to give freedom of movement and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat, and give birth in comfort. A wrap style design closed with extra-long sashes at the waist, never again to  reveal what you don't want the public to see. By simply untying the sash, the anesthesia team has easy access to the patients back for pain management.

Benefits of Maternity Shapewear by Belevation

Belevation is a mom and pop shop in the Carolinas that has dedicated the last decade to designing maternity shapewear for expectant and new mothers. We consider every factor when creating our maternity garments and strive to make you as comfortable as possible, from pregnancy to postpartum, and beyond.

During pregnancy, we offer maternity undergarments including Maternity Belly Bands and Mid-Thigh PettiPants. Each product provides seamless support and increased comfort through a stretchable and breathable material.

We care about new moms and want to make the exciting transition into motherhood easier. That’s why Belevation’s Postpartum & Beyond® Belly Bands and PettiPants provide continued support. With our Postpartum Belly Band, you will experience gentle reinforcement in your abdomen to promote recovery and healing post-pregnancy.

Our Activewear Leggings also make it easy for new mothers to exercise postpartum. Each pair is made in the USA with high-quality materials and at a competitive price. Designed with targeting abdominal compression and maximum support, you’ll feel great throughout your entire exercise routine.

Belevation is committed to your well-being and comfort, from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. Shop Maternity and Postpartum and Beyond®products now!

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