Keeping It Authentic at
Keeping It Authentic at


When it was time to expand our popular brand of Belevation Maternity shapewear, belly bands and pregnancy panties, we decided to relocate to rural North Carolina and arrived in the spring of 2017 knowing only a handful of folks.

Fields of sunflowers and tobacco plants lined the roads on our commute to work. As a consequence of cheaper overseas labor and component prices, most factory jobs were long gone. The town of Biscoe welcomed Belevation with open arms. 

Interior and exterior water lines were expanded to accommodate dyeing equipment purchased from a shuttered South Carolina hosiery factory. Employees were added. People needed jobs here. 

Knitting, dyeing, packing and shipping now co-exist in the 14,000 sq ft. refurbished textile building, built for a maternity dress company in the 1970's. Quality and inventory control issues can be addressed at lightening speed with all aspects of Belevation's manufacturing under one roof. 

Products are sent out daily throughout North America and the EU. Orders from Belevation's website are shipped directly to consumers as well. To accomplish this takes a 6-7 day work week, definitely cutting down on family time, but the way we see it - Belevation is all about families. During our three years in central NC, members of seven local families (including husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, and sons and daughters) have worked with us.

With the world now under the threat of the corona virus, we are doing all of this with our Belevation Face Masks on and hand sanitizer close by.  We're happy to still be able to pick up fresh peaches and local produce at farm stands on the way home. Our head mechanic provides a dozen eggs from his farm for each employee every week.

Are we keeping things authentic at Belevation? Absolutely! 







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