Corona Update: Made in North Carolina and Open for Business – Belevation
Corona Update: Made in North Carolina and Open for Business

While most companies have sought out imported products from low wage countries to sell in the American marketplace, Belevation has never gone that route. Thomas Miles, designer of Belevation's mom-favorite maternity support garments has spent his entire career hands-on in the US textile industry merging innovation, safety and affordability. 

During the summer of 2019, Belevation discovered our trademarked garments had been copied by a Chinese company and are being sold on Amazon under odd sounding names like Peauty and Diravo. (When you mix pregnancy and beauty, do you get Peauty?) 

Diravo even had the nerve to steal Belevation's photography. Yes, shockingly those are Tiffany and Jessica - our beautiful Fort Bragg military-mom ambassadors in Diravo's Amazon Ads. (Hire your own models or Photoshop some, instead of confusing customers with stolen product images Diravo!) 

If you order from these companies you will NOT be shipped authentic Belevation products made by US workers. Instead you will receive plagiarized intellectual property, shipped to you by a fake company called Meatball Box. How do these criminals even come up with these names?

If Jeff Bezos doesn't see a problem with this, we don't know what's wrong with him. The issue is now with our legal team. 

And it's up to you, Mom's and Dad's. How people shop has never been more important than under the serious world-wide virus threat we are currently experiencing. It is a time of reckoning. 

After years of decline in American manufacturing, let's bring our industries home again - supporting American workers and communities. This is not a political issue. It's a common sense issue. Americans must control their own destiny. 

With thanks and respect for our extended Belevation fan club and your loved ones, we hope you will only be minimally inconvenienced by Covid-19.  Belevation-Mom, Pop and Family  



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