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Moms in Film

January 2011.  Even South Carolina is looking like a frozen tundra this week.  So, under the circumstances, a bad economy and iced-over roads, the occasion is perfect to dig-into your Netflix account and tour the world for nine dollars a month. 

Who can forget Julia Roberts depicting the true story of Erin Brockovich uncovering information about toxic dumping in her town? Haven't seen it? Well, change that up when the kiddies get to bed tonight.

Another wonderful Mom-Flick that will pull at your heartstrings is the true story of two 9-11 widows who each gave birth shortly after losing their husbands. Through their common tragic circumstances, depicted in the film Beyond Belief, Susan Retik and Patti Quigley made an instant connection with one another.

Needing to get beyond their grieving, they find the strength together to embark on a spiritual bike ride from Ground Zero, home to Boston. Conceived as fundraiser for Afghan widows, this beautiful film chronicals their travel to Afghanistan and the two womens realization that we are all connected. Their goal lives on through the organization they founded, Beyond the 11th.

Speaking about fundraisers, another personal favorite is the 2003 British success Calendar Girls, also a true story about a bunch of old girls who go bare to raise money for a couch in the local hospitals cancer wing.  To date, they have raised more than two million British Lbs. for Leukemia research, leaving the role of a determined woman not to be underestimated. How's that for Mom inspiration on a snowy day?

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