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Whether it's carry-on luggage or carrying-on your families legacy, most woman are always schlepping something. It is certainly no easy feat to carry around that most important package, your baby for 9 months. Your growing pregnant belly will be putting a lot of strain on your back and abs.

These muscles are straining to support your belly, while your center of gravity is shifting, causing you to lean backward, putting even further pressure on the spine. Affecting up to three-quarters of all pregnant women, lower back pain can worsen dramatically during the time between the sixth and ninth months of pregnancy.

According to physicians, sitting up straight is one of the key factors in reducing backache, as stated on the Mayo Clinic website. A gentle exercise regime can also help improve back pain issues. The American Pregnancy Association website highlights many ways to mininize back pain during pregnancy.

Wearing a support garment under the lower abdomen has been found to help. Based on our enthusiastic feedback from wearers of Belevation's Maternity Support Garments, Belevation products are helping pregnant women carry-on with their normal lives during these physically demanding months.