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The Well Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook



Last night I had a real treat, an hour long conversation with cookbook author Karen Gurwitz, owner of New York based Mothers and Menus. "Created to support new mothers and their families during the hectic few weeks before and after the birth of their child, Mothers and Menus provides clients in the NYC area with healthy, home cooked meal delivery." I discovered Karen's 2007 book, The Well Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook while doing research on prenatal nutrition. 

As I looked over the 100 healthful Mothers and Menus recipes Karen shares with her readers, I felt as if I had found a kindred spirit. Her common sense approach shines through from the beginning. All of the recipes are made with readily available, healthy ingredients and choices are offered to make modifications based on your preferences.

As the owner of a cupboard full of cookbooks, I have yet to find one as plain-spoken and accessible as this one.  Chapter 2, called Feeding Your Body really covers the essentials of healthy eating, with an emphasis on nutrition during pregnancy.

I know that I will enjoy reaching for The Well Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook for delicious recipes and Karen's great nutritional tips. That said, start looking for product give-aways, like this fabulous cookbook, on our Belevation Facebook Page for folks who become a Belevation Fan.....

What else did Karen and I talk about? Well - Belevation of course!  From my description of Belevation's products, Karen understood right away. What makes our maternity undergarments different than others on the market?  She said it, Belevation provides "Serious Support!"

Whether you're running in a race at 20 weeks - like Nikki in San Francisco, or if life just feels like a race, like mine does. Belevation's Maternity products offer a feature-rich design, with our unique integral Belevation belly support panel. Just what mother has been asking for, that plus a good, hot meal!  Look for cookbook give-aways coming soon on Facebook.